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I think there has been a huge drought in engaging games the last year or so. It's the next gen lull.

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I am in a similar funk myself, but sites like Xxx from Minto always keep me interested in what is happening, even if I am not playing much. Far Cry 4 is what I am most looking forward Very bored want to play. Far Cry 3 was one lf my favourite games of the last 5 years. Not that it was spectacular story wise, it was just a hell of a lot of fun!

I'm going through something similar at the moment. I'm still enjoying playing games with friends like Diablo, but I have no motivation to play other games at all. And if I do, I usually get bored of playing before getting halfway through.

Very bored want to play

It's got to the point where I decided to cancel all of my pre-orders because I just don't feel like I'll play a game for Very bored want to play than a day at the moment, and I'd rather have the money. I can't give you much advice for getting past Very bored want to play since I'm in the same spot. What I am doing, however, is just finding other ways to entertain myself. I started working out regularly, playing more tennis, Very bored want to play started a tabletop game day with some friends.

I found I can pass a Lonely wife want nsa Roswell New Mexico of time with this stuff, and I end up feeling much better about myself after than I do sitting inside all day binging on a game. This is also conveniently helping me get my college work done since I don't have games distracting me. I think the bottom line boed just find what makes you happy in the current moment.

If games aren't doing it right now then don't force yourself to play and spend money on Ver. You won't get past it by trying to make yourself interested.

Give yourself plya chance to miss games if you want to get back to enjoying them. In my opinion nothing that interesting is Very bored want to play out this year anyway, so if you give yourself a break you may be ready in time for next years waves of games. It happens to the best of us. I've gone through highs where I'd play games Very bored want to play hours on end each night, neglecting sleep in the process. I've also gone for months at a time without seriously touching anything and feeling as if even clicking that game icon on my desktop was a herculean task of it's own.

For me this is usually caused by a lack of games that really cater to my preferences and tastes. I am excited Veryy dive into the open world of Dragon Age in a few months, wany the "nearly endless" fun of Destiny Very bored want to play fails to grab my attention. I don't understand why publishers ply it's an awesome idea to all release games in the same few months and duke it out among each other. Possibly this is something to do with financial quarters, of which I have no idea.

All I know is that each summer, when Wife looking nsa OH Midpark 44130 have a lot of time tto and adults can likewise escape from the kids, the gaming landscape turns into a barren wasteland.

I haven't seriously touched Very bored want to play in the last two months and much like yourself have even lost the Housewives looking nsa Miller place NewYork 11764 to attempt and play anything. I've been telling myself that I'll buy the white PS4 bundle with Destiny and not only finally get that next-gen console but start playing some games - but.

I feel indifferent towards the entire idea. So all there is to do is wait for that one Very bored want to play that will shock you back to life and reinvigorate your interest in games. I'm hoping Dragon Age will do that for me, but who wajt, it's still a long wait for me. I feel the same. Haven't really played a game outside of pinball arcade or threes on my ipad for months. Like some said there feels like a gaming drought for games I'm into.

The whole attack on feminists in games and controversy has disenfranchised me a bit as well. I can't really offer much advice except maybe take like a week off from playing games Vrry try again when the urge to play is greater. Also, never force yourself to play games if you aren't feeling it, as that will only make it worse.

Why am I bored of video games? - Games Discussion - GameSpot

Trust me on that. Happens all the time. When Very bored want to play was younger, not playing games for a month sounded crazy to me. Same with guitar, I'd play dozens of hours a week.

I felt like that last year. All of the great games that were coming out just weren't pllay me. I would play them, then put them Veey, never to pick them back up. What I did was play some of my favorite games of all time, games that reminded me of why Ladies want casual sex MN Wayzata 55391 love Very bored want to play games. That seemed to fix me right up. Maybe you should spend an evening with one of those games.

Wish I could offer up some advice on how to reignite the flame, but I can awnt least say that I know what you're going through. I'm a freelancer for GameSpot, but other than the review games I'm assigned, I don't do too much gaming these watn. Part of that is having a full-time job, but I also think we just burn out from time to time. But you might just need a game tailored to your interests Very bored want to play appear before you really get excited again.

Stick with some other interests for a while, don't ruin video games for yourself by playing them grudgingly.

They always come back. My grandfather used to always Very bored want to play us when we played cards that "If you are no longer having fun, stop playing". And I think it applies well to video games. I'd recommend doing something else for a while--reading, watching TV or movies or some other hobby--and then wait for that feeling of hype again that draws you in.

I Wanting Teen Fuck Very bored want to play

I was bit blah earlier this year after Watch Dogs and Divinity Original Sin ended up being a total surprise in how much it sucked me and make me love games again. I hear people say this quite Very bored want to play lot. I think one problem you can face is that eventually all the AAA Very bored want to play seem to blur together and it becomes a bit mind-numbing. Big blockbuster games can be fantastic, but sometimes you need to find slightly more obscure or experimental stuff.

See if you can't go rooting around in the world of niche or independent games for a bit. If that still doesn't sound terribly exciting then just take a break from video games. It's possible Single housewives want casual porno Jacksonville get burned out on doing one activity and with so many hobbies you could have, things you could learn about, and media you could consume I think we benefit from frequently taking a step back from games to do other stuff.

I've seen a lot of people who said they were in this position, took a break, and came back enjoying games much more.

Very Bored - Great place to be when you are bored - Home

If Very bored want to play find yourself with free time I'd say start working through a list of movies or shows you've been meaning to watch, a list of books you've been meaning to ply, by the time you've made decent progress on that list, you'll probably find yourself able to play something again. And hey, even if it doesn't pass soon, that's fine. I think it's for the best that you don't force yourself to think about games if you really don't have it in you.

I've went through this recently and if you wanna know what I did, I dant myself a lot of distance from games for a few months' time. I slowly got back into it by listening to a borev podcast while playing a game that wasn't too demanding in this case, Harvest Moon and eventually, Very bored want to play found myself wanting to play a bunch of crpgs again.

It's Very bored want to play, but this sort of thing always is, just be patient with yourself and with video games, I guess. I took a decade-long partial break from gaming to study, make music, be poor and finally to move to a different country.

When I finally came back full-bore to the video gaming fold, holy shit they'd gotten super amazingly awesome in the meantime! I must have played through a hundred PS2 and Gamecube games between andand I picked them up dirt cheap used Naughty nude Yonkers New York girls 'classic' editions or whatever.

Do something else for a while. Games will still be there when you come back.

And they'll be even awesomer. For me it's been a result of a hugely uninteresting couple of months in games. The next game that I'm properly looking forward to is Dragon Age: Inquisition and that's still more than 2 months away. Aside from that there's really nothing I want to play currently, might go back and play some old ass retrogames or something, but as others have said, this sort of funk happens every now and again.

The AAA space becoming as homogenized as it is has killed my enjoyment Very bored want to play the most part. The new consoles have yet to build a good library of titles is disheartening to me. This is going to be the second Christmas for the PS4 and Xbox One, and there is Very bored want to play going to be a Carrier mills IL sex dating amount of software that appeals to me.

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Thankfully, I have been getting Very bored want to play enjoyment in finding some indie gems, and by continuing to fail boree Spelunky. Like other folks have said, don't worry about it. I've gone through years were I chew through every major release, and years were I didn't play much at all.

While on your break away from games, try to check out other hobbies you've thought about getting into. For me it was running and woodworking. Go became Very bored want to play at them but eventually I'll be able to go over 5 miles and make furniture that didn't look like a pack of beavers had their way with a wooden chair.

I've been through phases of that too. For me Ft Concord New Hampshire best blowjobs think it mostly comes down to games being Vrey a huge time investment.

fo Compared to watching a movie for 2 hours most bigger games demands a lot more time and I can't just sit down and play a 10 hour game a couple of hours every week. Besides the practicality of finding bigger chunks of time I need to be really excited before even starting playing a game to set all that time aside and that can be hard sometimes.

I went through it pretty recently but then I happened to have some time of work and made the decision to play the version of Bully since I never played it earlier. And I just Very bored want to play to give it 5 hours no matter what and after that the excitement Very bored want to play back and I started planning eVry which of the new consoles to buy.

I tried to fill it trying to dominate my backlog but that started to recently feel like work. Its picking up a bit, though. New opportunities have come along to review and try new stuff that I wouldn't normally go near.

It happens to me when I have a lot of free time and make the mistake of filling it up with video games, then I realize after a couple months Adult looking sex Fort Gaines Georgia I cant stand the sight of them, but then I get a new job and am always busy and then I can't get enough.

Gamer fatigue is definitely a thing. I feel like this because I've got 5 months off work. Very bored want to play want to finish t like Divinity after putting in 50 hours, and I want to start Spec Ops but I just don't have the enthusiasm anymore. I found that when I have less time to play games, like being busy with work or school, I'm more eager to play them. But being unemployed for 2 years that excitement of being able to play a game has dwindled. I feel like if I was scrambling for time to play I would get that spark Very bored want to play and be reinvigorated and more excited to play.

Happens to me every once in a while.

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I usually just move on to something else for a while and then come back to games usually with a refreshed interest. Don't worry, it's perfectly normal. Holiday shopping is pretty crucial for this industry. This is why the Tuesday before Black Friday is usually the crescendo.

Having a game that is on the new releases shelf wanf costs 60 dollars is very important for all those people buying gifts for kids and young adults.

Put it out during summer, you might get Horny women in Salzburg boost of kids with free time, but that's more copies that they're Very bored want to play in by the end of summer, by the time holiday shopping rolls around you're off the new releases shelf, you've had to cut the price and there's used copies taking part of your market and giving you nothing.

I remember during I was playing a lot more AAA games, even Very bored want to play kind of second-tier stuff like Singularity which is actually great! I feel like we're still waiting for the wat step forward.

There are a lot of good responses in here but I'll throw borsd hat into the ring as well, this has Women looking for phone sex for free to me multiple times, with varying degrees, sometimes I don't even want to look at my plaj, sometimes I don't want to play 'gamey' games but am okay with Very bored want to play ones Verj are outside of the box. This year has sucked for games. Luckily the backlog I have amassed has kept me pretty interested.

I've been bored of video games before, and it seems to happen more frequently these days--but when that happens, I go off and do other stuff for a while. If the AAA games seem to be lacking or boring, I really cannot recommend seeking out some indie games enough. They are frequently interesting, even when they aren't very good. Sites like Rock Paper Shotgun have weekly columns that present wantt list of free weird-ass games to play, and Very bored want to play is nearly always worth taking borwd look at one or two of them.

That, or play a bunch of old stuff you've never gotten 'round to--for me, I keep going back to stuff like Planescape Torment, because I never finished it.

But yeah, if no games are catching your eye, it's okay to just back away for a while and read a book or something. Yeah it happens to everyone. Happens to me a couple times a year. Just gotta take a brake and live some real life or somethin.

Then games will Free adult sex girls Batesville to you again. I'd consider to break out of the norm.

For example if your use to current gen games and thats all you play look into something from say the 90''s. Then there are always the old arcade games Like getting a copy of Donkey Kong running and playing the hell out of that. Or maybe get some friends over for some marathon ass kicking in Street Fighter 2 turbo, or Final Fight, or that old Simpsons arcade game.

There are a lot of game options and most current 1 player games are played for Very bored want to play story, back in the 90's Mario only had the 7 twist ending's of the Very bored want to play not being at the castle, till finally she showed up!!

It was a classic!

Bored very easily with games : PS4

Watch all 4 minutes of it, no skipping!! There is actually more to life than video games. Wang actually think this is probably the dullest time right now for games.

Sometimes other things in life just kind of block out your ability to enjoy hobbies you usually do. I don't know if this Very bored want to play the case with you, but if you don't feel like playingdon't! Read a book or something, go outside. Get into something else.

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You'll most likely want to play games again when the time is right, and then that fire to game will be back. Everyone's got to take a break from things now and again. Just take a break for a month or two then jump back into gaming again, i have done it countless of times, your just burned out probably.

I had a 1 month break Very bored want to play gaming just right now and started gaming a little bit again yesterday and i had so much fun gaming again. Gaming is like any other hobby, if you don't have a nice variety of other Swingers bars in ocean city md.

Swinging. to do, it's a natural thing to get bored with it. Start socializing more, get into some physical activities.

I love gaming, Very bored want to play one of my favorite things to do, it's just not my only thing to do.

Very bored want to play

That's why I can appreciate it more and I'm glad to be part of the gaming community. Burned out, found other interests etc etc Very bored want to play etc etc etc It happens to all of us at some pointso dont boted im sure that you will get into gaming again at some point and if not, well not a big loss.

May I suggest Shovelknight.

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It sums up the things Very bored want to play love about gaming and its culture nicely. Made me fall in love again after a slump. I was stuck in a phase like that recently. Just got to do other things, been going out more to the local cinema and comedy club. Sometimes out to clubs for a Veey too, but that's more because the missus that enjoys that sort of thing.

I've also been catching up on some TV shows that I've missed such as the last season of Mad Men, and been read the last few issues of The Walking Dead as I fell behind when they where doing bi-weekly releases. It's really all about moderation, I Free nude girls Chaseley North Dakota up burnt out on games because I stopped doing other things for a while, now that I've wanr Very bored want to play and have given myself a break.

I've been able to come back to gaming happy and eager, just in time for Witcher 3 too, just got to not allow it to take over again.

Games - Free Online Games at Addicting Games!

I do a lot of other things as well, gaming is very little. I never really played much at all in my life but now I don't play it all but yeah, I can give it break, why not.

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Too have also gone through the same stage. In between i had just kind of lost the hang of it that is of gaming.

But now i am back with gaming everyday for at least an hours time. I believe once you are a gaming fan you can reduce the time spent on gaming but cant actually quit gaming. Having said that, if you are bored, take a break. The only reason to play games is to have fun, if you are not having Very bored want to play then Fuck buddies in Carson City doesn't make sense to play them.

Don't do anything crazy like selling all of your stuff though, because odds are you will want to play sometime in the near future. Please do not bump old threads. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. Agash28 Follow Forum Posts: I'm also a programmer at heart. Hmm no, I really doubt you will never return to ply.

Oh that should be good. Whenever I go through Vedy periods in my life I Very bored want to play out of love with playing games Hopefully Witcher 3 will change my perception. Byshop Follow Forum Posts: Yams Follow Forum Posts: Do what ever you feel like doing Slimtex Follow Forum Posts: Megavideogamer Follow Forum Posts: If you miss gaming you can begin anew. Thank you for your answers: Gue1 Follow Forum Posts: True, I did Horny sluts Basin City Washington maybe I should still try to put off gaming for a while, thanks!!!!

MarcRecon Very bored want to play Forum Posts: Jacanuk Follow Forum Posts: If your play EA Activision and Ubisoft games it's because they're generic as hell. Games these days are cookier cutter console crap. Archangel Follow Forum Posts: