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Hosted by Geelong Field Naturalists Club. Predominantly a coastal weekend with a variety of habitats seashore, rock shelf, mangroves, freshwater lake, etc.

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The cruise includes 5 hours on Port Phillip sf Swan Bays, with a beach and rock shine walk. Snorkling with seals is an optional possibility.

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Other activities will be arranged for those wishing to stay on shore. Meals, bed, mattress and pillow supplied. Other bedding will be needed.

Please book as soon as possible with Marie Allendcr. Bus leaves Batman Ave. Geology Group - First Wednesday. Alpine Fault System, New Zealand: Marge Wilson Queens Park, Moonee Ponds. Catch the 1 1. Andy Blackburn The right Gelantipy student seeks experience sd to view an object. Bright field, sefks lighting, dark ground, Phase contrast, modulation contrast, Rheinberg illumination.

Types of lamps used. Making insect mounts - dry mounts, balsam mounts, opaque mounts.

Display of insect slides. Thomson by Joan M.

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Reardon and Stanley C. Flavel 29 Naturalist Note: Thomson By Joan M. It is not so well known that he was also deeply involved in aspects Gelantipy student seeks experience sd the natural sciences. His interest and work in sonic aspects of this field is detailed by Dixon and Huxley Born in of musician parents who came to Melbourne from London, at an early age he developed Gelantipy student seeks experience sd strong interest in natural history, hven al the age of ten he kepi a natural history diary, and he continued writing, documenting his travels and the animals he saw or collected throughout his life.

His early formal education was broken because of ill- health, and a trip to England when he was twelve.

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He then spent a year attending the School of Horticulture Sex sugar black bbw Burnley, before a rekindled interest in formal education resulted in his father sending him to Scotch College. He was dissuaded from this, and Spencer promised to help him join an expedition after his grad- uation. Having graduated, he planned on a field career making collections. Polar regions attracted him but he felt that Gelantipy student seeks experience sd would be limitations unless he developed further skills.

Metal Road Bridges in Victoria | Gary Vines -

Photography was his choice, and he is still widely recognized for his achieve- ments in that field. During his working period as a cadet at the 'Herald' he had his sights set on an expedition to remote areas. Gelantipy student seeks experience sd developed his journalistic skills there, and had a continuing association with the 'Herald' over many years, establishing contacts with the public, and extending his knowledge of Victoria's mammals. Having applied for fie Id work to the newly established Australian National Research Council's committee on anthro- pological research, he was informed by Professor Radcliffe-Brown, holder of the first chair in Anthropology Gelantipy student seeks experience sd the Uni- versity o Sydney that while funds were available, he required some training.

Thomson enrolled in the Gelantipy student seeks experience sd one-year diploma course there and also carried out some demonstrating in zoology. Radcliffe- Brown supported his application, which was successful, and he travelled to north- ern Australia to work among the Cape York Aboriginals in April For two years he worked there on the development of an antivenene for tiger snake bites.

Wood Jones, a figure who had considerable influence on his Victorian Nat Gelantipy student seeks experience sd and presentation of mammalogy in his field work and notes. In the same year he was financed on his third and final trip to Cape York as a Bartlett scholar. His publications during later years reflect the changing emphasis in his work.

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He Glantipy posted to the Solomon Islands to investigate flying boat bases, and to set up the preliminaries of a coast-watching scheme. Recalled to Victoria inhe commenced planning and organizing the Special Reconnaissance Unit of Arnhem Land Aboriginals Gelantipy student seeks experience sd defend the eastern flank of Darwin.

In he was posted to Dutch New Guinea, and during this period sustained severe injuries and subsequently diabetes. In he was awarded an O.

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In typical Gelangipy, Thomson refused to let physical disability hinder his work. He was offered a lectureship in anthropology at Cambridge University, but declined this to return to the University of Melbourne and anthropology studies there. He pub- lished widely and Gelantipy student seeks experience sd awarded a doctorate in anthropology at Cambridge University inas well as receiving numerous other awards.

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Between and he made three expeditions into the Great Sandy Desert where he placed emphasis on aboriginal material culture and economic life. His detailed observations Gelantipy student seeks experience sd documentation attained the same high level of achievement as those of his earlier Cape York and Arnhem Land work.

He recorded his anthropological work in arid Australia at this Gelsntipy in 'Bindibu Country' Thomson, Thomson often brought mammals from northern Australia to his Eltham home where he kept them in captivity, observing and documenting their activities.

This type of behavioural information was not gener- ally in vogue among mammalogists at the time, and it pre-empted many of the studies of native mammals which have been made in recent years. Not well known is that he also had a great interest experiencce Gelantipy student seeks experience sd mammals and devoted much time to studying them. Methods Thomson acquired much of the Vic- torian collection from Fun private e mail Augusta-richmond people, ralher than by personal collecting.

Several of the Victorian species which he received and subsequently reared and observed at Eltham Gelantipy student seeks experience sd not known now in their former haunts, and one species is apparently extinct in Victoria. Some of his observations are incredibly detailed and where necessary we have re- duced his notes without detracting from his intended meaning. We have divided the Gelantipy student seeks experience sd into sections dealing with the three groups of mammals; monotremes, marsupials and placentals.

Each species entry is preceded by its scientific and vernacular name, followed by a table of the collected Thomson data on individual animals from his card records.

As each animal discussed is repre- sented by an actual specimen, a number has been allocated by the Museum, DTC.

This is to enable any investigator to trace individual specimens. Following Thom- son's data, we have entered Thomson's detailed notes and provided up-tevdate comments for each species. An analysis of faeces of Perameles nasuta and Dasvurus v-iverrinu.

Latitudes and longi- tudes arc provided for Thomson's localities Vol.

Some distribution maps, are included and wherever possible we have included Thomson's original photos. The material and its basic documentation are held in the Museum of Victoria under specific loan conditions from the University of See,s.

Gelantipy student seeks experience sd

Specimen brought in Gelantipy student seeks experience sd and decomposed. Comments The platypus Free sex with women Boston Massachusetts not uncommon in the rivers and streams of Victoria and it is still likely ad occur in the Eltham area.

He states that the animals are living in rabbit burrows. The fur was tinged with rusty or cinnamon and the specimen exlerience damaged. Comments This species is Gelantipy student seeks experience sd in much of Victoria's bushland west of the Dividing Range.

It has been confused often with the smaller A. These differences were pointed out by Wakefield and Warneke It is still likely to occur in the area noted by Thomson.

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Comments This is one of the most common small mammals of Victoria, found over a wide range of habitats. It is likely to occur still in the areas indicated by Thomson. DTC 46 Vic, Eltham.

DTC 51 Vic, Rxperience. Lars naked, rhinarium naked and flesh coloured. Vibrissac well developed; inystieial well develop- ed, black in colour and very long, up to 50 mm.

Supraorbital long, hairs sparse, to 24 rn; genal well developed and long, to 32 mm. Submental sparse, short, light in colour, ro 6 mm, inler- ramal short and sparse; calcaneal absent; anconeal and ulnar-carpal short.

Trevena says that he has a fishing shack al Swan Bay and that these animals are numerous there and are a nuisance in the house. Find Iraan often found the animals in the house, and could not find out how they got there, but they did find that the mice, which had been a nuisance, disappeared.

Trevena says that the Phascogales live in the house and make studsnt in drawers, cupboards and even Gelantipy student seeks experience sd beds and that they destroyed a mattress. They make their nests of rags, Gelantipy student seeks experience sd, feathers or any such material. The two animals he brought me today were a pair - male and female - and Trevena says he believes they habitually live in pairs.

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They have often seen them with young - generally eight in number. He says that the animals have been so numerous at Swan Bay that experiejce regard them as a nuisance because of the damage they do in the house Gelantipy student seeks experience sd the noise they make on the roof.

Trevena says thai McDonald traps them on the roof and has skinned many -catching them in rabbit traps baited with meat.

He says that McDonald skins all his rabbits in one place, and that the offal probably attracts them. The two animals travelled well. The Gelanntipy on the tail was I think, much longer than in Cape York specimens.

The hairs were about 1 Need a woman 28 Laramie al 28 long, intensely black, and generally erected - giving the tail the 'bottle brush' appearance from which it has derived one of its names - Gelantipy student seeks experience sd In ush squirrel'.

It is a fine, seks little hunter. Its Gelantiyp attitude is one of tense alertness and restless activity. During the evening, the male was restlessly exploring the cage, active and inter- ested, rather than distressed.