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Artemis is known as the goddess of Fertility when you Google it… Wahts is nothing more than a mass sterilization,depopulation project. Follow this article to the end and you will agree. These things are fanless and have heat sinks that look like they can dissipate heat from a thousand watts of power.

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The question is what are they going to do with a thousand watts of power. Here they are folks. Hot wants sex tonight Laurentian Hills Ontario 1 Electromagnetic field application method for experimental animals. So here we have an experimental study on exposing rats for 15 minutes a day for 15 days and counting the number of ovarian follicles that remain after irradiation.

You know how tough rats are and yet the results are horrifying. What is this doing to our children? An exposure device with a special Ladies looking sex Charlotte NorthCarolina 28215 placed on students zippers was used for generating the EMF 1 W peak output power and.

The specific energy absorption rate SAR varied from.

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At Women please horny men very least, you would think the government and industry would have gone to great lengths replicating animal experiments in the IHlls States to determine if the classroom application of this technology is safe.

No such thing folks. No only school district sycophants, school boards that ignore the evidence and local media like the Fullerton Observer that withhold information presented at both elementary and high school board meetings that Hot wants sex tonight Laurentian Hills Ontario public has a right to know while the children remain in harms way being aided and abetted by their wamts own parents that drive by our banners on the sidewalk and throw the fliers on their windshields in the trash.

What do wireless emissions do to human reproduction? Scientists tell us that it causes infertility. wxnts

Possible flat earth connection with Apple as well? Its all in your face along with the sterilization Hot wants sex tonight Laurentian Hills Ontario.

Schematic of the Cupertino campus layout-pretty insightful if you ask me. Is this the electromagnetic destruction of the nucleus? Human egg in two-cell stage which shows the spermatozoa fertilization of the ovum. Eggs that undergo zona response from micrwowave radio frequencies pulsed against the belly think iPad Infertilty pad might only respond someday to fertilization in a lab with a needle.

This results in the eggs being hardened so no sperm can penetrate. Hardened eggs equal no pregnancy unless you can get you kids in vitro procedures out of your Obamacare policy.

The smooth endoplasmic reticulum appears to be missing from the eerie diagram of Apples headquarters. This would render the eggs vulnerable to being penetrated by more than one Housewives looking casual sex Oxford junction Iowa 52323 if it cannot induce Zona Hardening. The technology must be wireless- http: Other external interests and goals notwithstanding, we are in agreement that the AORTA Education Platform describes the first step toward enabling our vision for education in this century:.

What is the goal? It is possible to shape the 5G radiation pattern and steer the beam from an antenna array by controlling the Hot wants sex tonight Laurentian Hills Ontario phases and magnitudes of the input signal.

Hot wants sex tonight Laurentian Hills Ontario

This example shows how to design an active electronically scanned array AESA using arithmetic phase progression on each antenna element. What else has come out of apple and Microsoft? What does he bring us? What a bizarre coincidence. Where are the kept all the time?

It is a brilliant invention but could it be being used for nefarious purposes? There would be blue pcell dots everywhere. The flashes are actually made of zinc. The indigo color of life at its conceptcion. The color of the weaponry deployed against humanity to thwart our God given reproductive rights. These are school district employees on school property on the clock acting out some bizarre ritual. Roman Schulze seated at right. Why are there so many attempts in life by evil people to wreck what I hold so dearly and carefully Hot wants sex tonight Laurentian Hills Ontario that magic moment?

Ipads emit more microwave radiation than cell phones. Cell phone use is voluntary among adults and most certainly not for hours per day in their laps. Ipads in school, well that Hpt Hot wants sex tonight Laurentian Hills Ontario Hot lady looking sex tonight Plainfield.

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Once the kids are addicted to them at home, well kiss the sunlight exposure and normal sleep patterns goodbye. As for their progeny toight, please revert back the mid section of this article.

The antenna is right on his zipper, or for the girls, right on their Hils emitting microwave radiation levels trillions wanst times background levels when the device is WiFi enabled.

What a convenient coincidence. Martin Pall presentation entitled, Microwave electromagnetic fields do not work by heating. They produce health effects by VGCC activation.

I wonder what one does with this information? I wonder what one does with Mineville NY sexy women information in the article below this post? I think Chief Hughes ought to know about wanta. With the media blackout on the wireless agenda like nothing I have Hot wants sex tonight Laurentian Hills Ontario seen in my entire life, thank God that the traffic on this site continues to grow.

Folks there are an awful lot of eyes on this debacle in our little neck of the woods. It is time to let you know that there is more to this story than Hot wants sex tonight Laurentian Hills Ontario you are being spoon fed folks.

Here is your tax money at work and boy is there more to this than meets the eye. With the almost totally exclusive contracts in the schools.


Postmedia Solutions

A potential victim of classroom wireless technology. There is a reason for not including in vitro in my new health plan.

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Can you keep a secret? The Manchurian Candidate can. Wireless microwave radiation forced exposure from the cradle to the grave for this Hot wants sex tonight Laurentian Hills Ontario. It ought not be so. The microwave transmitters are in direct proximity to their reproductive organs. Not sleeping well these days? EASY DEASY, cuz kids are coming to your board meetings with teachers complaining about nosebleeds, insomnia, bleeding from their ears and all kinds of problems that your staff refuses to file incident reports on.

They never got them? Why did you pull wireless of the shelf at Lady seeking sex Hamersville last board meeting? Petaluma superintendent Steve Bolman- children need to be irradiated as I call the cops on you.

Sheehan-We like you better with your glasses on. I always wondered why his office was all the way at the end of the hall. FSD Superintendent Robert Pletka drunk Hot wants sex tonight Laurentian Hills Ontario wireless technology and high on common core-He could stop this if he wanted to.

Fullertons very own Dr. Oh but she loves the veterans so much that she wants to give them a cemetery while they drop like flies at the VA. No pregnancy means Ht abortions which means no body parts and no dinero for your proud eugenicist monster sponsor that is a creation from the pit of hell.

Some people will do anything Ontairo money. Autism conference host where the solution is a room full of drug pushers and vaccine inventors while he and his cohorts totally ignore the wireless connection to the epidemic.

Single wants sex tonight Laurentian Hills Ontario

No respect I tell ya. Well since you asked?

Oh but he beats the war Hot wants sex tonight Laurentian Hills Ontario so loud you need noise cancelling headphones.

Huge cash donor to wireless classroom technology-silent on our attempts to reach him. Ignores emails and board meeting presentations on how dangerous these classrooms are for children. Ignores repeated emails Hot wants sex tonight Laurentian Hills Ontario the wireless connection to Autism and to top it off his charity group donates money for wirelesss technology to the FSD and blocks me from Facebook.

Ignores emails and board meeting presentations on how dangerous these classrooms are for children eventually resulting in me removing my eldest child from her school.

She just smiles at everything. She looks like my neighbor, pretty trippy. Ignores Looking for some attention and fun and board meeting presentations on how dangerous these classrooms are for children and continues to direct money into technology with the fundraising efforts district wide.

She has also called the police on parents for handing out fliers on the sidewalk trying to warn parents of the dangers. My other three children were subsequently removed from the school.

Home to probably the highest RF classroom readings in the state. Ignores everything we ever sent her and continues on the path of forced microwave exposure for the children on the west side.

Is this the apple connection for the FSD? Is this the husband of Fisler principal Trang Lai? Hey we can read. Fisler School a 1: Gail Lyons, who taught my kids Sunday school classes over at EV Free lent a deaf tomight to my board meeting presentation, written materials and emails.